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Become a member today! Find a League in your area.

Watch and Learn from the Fall Workshops

Garrett Epps: Keynote Speaker

As we begin a new Supreme Court Term, Americans have every right to ask, “What are the prospects for the survival of our democracy? What will happen to the right to vote, the right to choose, the right to peaceable assembly for redress of grievance? Are there any guardrails left?”

Engaging Differences:
Constructive Conversation in a Diverse World

Cheryl Graeve put on an amazing and interactive workshop around constructive conversation with those who have a different perspective to find common ground and bridge our differences. We learned how empathy, listening for understanding, and humility can open the door to meaningful connection and overcome divisions. Visit her event page on our website for a video of the workshop along with her helpful resources.

Defusing Contentious Conversations

We have all been there. The conversation turns to politics or a contentious issue and gets heated in a hurry. If only we could turn this potential train wreck of a conversation in a more positive direction. There is a way. 

Terry Busch, Braver Angels

Using the Volunteer Development Cycle to Improve the Volunteer Experience

Come and learn how LWV Oakland is already building its capacity to recruit, engage, train, and retain volunteers through its year-old Volunteer Development Committee. Come away with practical tips, resources and ideas you can implement yourself!

Katie Parker and Stacey Smith

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