League of Women Voters of Oregon

Jun 92 min

Action Alert: Wildfire Bill Needs your Voice!

Updated: Jun 15

Contact your Senator and Representative to support SB 762 A, the omnibus wildfire bill!

Date: June 9, 2021
To: All League Members
From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President
Peggy Lynch, Natural Resources Coordinator
Josie Koehne, Forestry Portfolio
Claudia Keith, Climate Emergency Coordinator

Please email, or phone your representatives requesting support for SB 762 A ASAP.

SB 762 A will prepare Oregon for the future related to wildfire preparedness and will provide appropriate resources to fight fires when they happen. The bill provides a section-by-section roadmap to help Oregonians prepare for the future of Oregon’s forests and our nearby cities and towns.

  • Requires electric utilities plans

  • Requires development of a statewide map of wildfire risk

  • Addresses the need for defensible space around homes at risk

  • Addresses the need for wildfire hazard mitigation building codes on new construction

  • Recognizes the need to support communities impacted by smoke

  • Requires an update to our statewide emergency plan for wildfire emergencies

  • Includes a treatment program to reduce wildfire risk by targeted thinning

  • Creates a NEW Wildfire Workforce Corps to train youth and young adults for future careers in a variety of important outdoor opportunities

  • Establishes a Small Woodland Owners Grant Program

  • Addresses the need for wildfire response capacity

  • Requires rules to identify the wildland urban interface in Oregon as is done in all other western states (See map.)

  • Establishes a Wildfire Program Advisory Council and State Program Director

Because this is a big bill, the Staff Measure Summary might be helpful. And the League is part of a larger group providing a website with a list of other advocates for this comprehensive but very important wildfire bill.

We are now in the final weeks of the session. The Oregon legislature 2021 regular session must end by June 27 and bills must be heard in both chambers to be enacted. Please email or call now!