Redistricting in Oregon

Oregon’s redistricting is creating a 6th congressional seat!


Redistricting is the once-a-decade process of redrawing United States House of Representatives (Congressional) and Oregon State Senate and State House of Representatives (Legislative) district boundaries to account for changes in population.

Public Hearings
Sept 8, 9, 10, & 13

Find the hearing for your CD and register to testify: Oregon joint legislative committees will hold 12 virtual hearings on Congressional District (CD) and legislative maps.


Testimony can be submitted without attending. Miss your district's hearing? Register for Monday's public hearing.

Public Hearings by Congressional District (CD) Residency

CD 1

W, Sept 8, 8:00am  &  TH, Sept 9, 5:30pm

CD 2

W, Sept 8, 1:00pm  &  F, Sept 10, 8:00am

CD 3

W, Sept 8, 5:30pm  &  F, Sept 10, 1:00pm

CD 4

TH, Sept 9, 8:00am  & F, Sept 10, 5:30pm

CD 5

TH, Sept 9, 1:00pm  & M, Sept 13, 8pm

Public Hearings
(all witnesses)

M, Sept 13, 1:00pm  & M, Sept 13, 5:30pm


Oregon State Redistricting Page

  • Testimony instructions for September hearings

  • How to use Oregon's map program ESRI,  instructional manual and videos

  • Find all 2021 redistricting committee hearings and testimony

  • The US and Oregon constitutional and statutory redistricting standards

Brennan Center Tips for Effective Redistricting Comments

The public’s comments really do influence the drawing of new voting district maps. 
In the early 2010s, I traveled around the country observing dozens of redistricting hearings in the western United States and analyzing nearly a thousand comments provided by private citizens, public officials, and group representatives to redistricting authorities. The result was.... <<more>>

People Not Politicians Oregon (PAC)

  • Full coalition information

  • Detailed redistricting plan

How to Download the Complete Set of 2020 Census Redistricting Files for Your State 

IP 16 full text

Full initiative petition for creating an independent redistricting coalition, possibly on November 2022 ballots