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Cybersecurity In Oregon

About the Issue

We are working to defend democracy from escalating cyber-attacks and disinformation. Policy debates are determining the future of our democracy, the internet, and privacy. See our successful legislative advocacy for the Oregon Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and emergency preparedness to protect critical infrastructures, including elections—the cornerstone of democracy. We are working to improve individuals’ cyber hygiene.

LWVOR PRIVACY & CYBERSECURITY STUDY: Read our 2020 study for an overview, analysis and comprehensive references to contemporary technology, global policy development, the history of privacy, and our key findings. LWVOR Privacy and Cybersecurity POSITIONS were adopted in January 2020, in LWVOR Issues for Action, on p. 16

U.S. state and national policymakers have joined the global debate over digital protection of personal information, mined for multi-billion dollar advertising revenues. Experts now characterize media manipulation as ‘information disorder.' The impact of artificial intelligence on MDM, mis-, dis, and mal- information deserves intense scrutiny going forward. Questions? Please email

Many bills passed in final 2023 legislative session days after the 43-day Senate walkout. See our Sine Die Legislative Report for links to our testimony, including references to our work over several sessions and future ongoing effort; all reflect privacy and cybersecurity.


SCR 1: Condemning Election violence.

SB 166: Election Worker Protections.

HB 3073: Candidate and Incumbent Data Privacy Protection.

HB 2107: Automatic Voter Registration expansion.

HB 2585: Oppose ending “Motor Voter” voter registration.

HB 5035: Software, Risk-Limiting Audits and Election Security in the SoS’s Budget.


HB 2049: Establish the Cybersecurity Center of Excellence.

HB 2490: Defend our cybersecurity plans from Public Disclosure.

HB 2806: update cybersecurity and privacy statute for critical infrastructures, etc.


SB 619: Protect Consumers’ Personal Data.

HB 2052: Data Broker Registry, First in the Nation.

SB 5512: the Judicial Department budget, for Citizen Participation and Access.

HB 3201: Broadband Assistance.

Public Records

HB 3111: State Employees, Volunteers, and Retirees Information Privacy

SB 510: Public Records Advisory Budget.

HB 5032: Public Records Advocate funding.

Questions? Please email

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