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Privacy and Cybersecurity

We are citing LWVOR privacy and cybersecurity positions in the 2023 Oregon legislature.


Defending democracy requires protection from escalating cyber-attacks and disinformation.


Policy debates will determine the future of privacy, the internet, and the future of democracy.


We urge for an Oregon Cybersecurity Center of Excellence,

emergency preparedness to protect critical infrastructures,

including elections—the cornerstone of democracy.


Individual, consumer privacy protections and cyber hygiene,

including ransomware education; all deserve our attention.

LWVOR Privacy and Cybersecurity.png


One third into the 2023 session, we’re working on these, often urging adjustment:


HB 2049 Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, Workforce Development

HB 2112 A Public records retention and terminology updates

HB 2490 Cybersecurity records (protection)

HB 2806 Update public meeting safety and cybersecurity statute

HB 3073 Candidate and incumbent home address privacy (should be comprehensive)

HB 3111 Municipal retiree info privacy (should be comprehensive)

SB 417 Public Records request, urging for a Task Force

SB 510 Public Records Advisory Council administration

SB 619 Comprehensive Privacy legislation

SB 2052 Oregon Data Broker Registry

SCR 1 Protect Elections Officials from harassment


LWVOR PRIVACY & CYBERSECURITY STUDY: Read our 2020 study for an overview, analysis and comprehensive references to contemporary technology, global policy development, the history of privacy, and our key findings.


LWVOR Privacy and Cybersecurity POSITIONS were adopted in January 2020, in LWVOR Issues for Action, on p. 16.


See this 2022 & 2021 testimony:

HB 4155: Cybersecurity Omnibus bill, Improve Public Awareness

HB 4092: Broadband Access, Coordinating Info Privacy

HB 4144: Election Worker Data Privacy & Harassment Protection

HB 4133: Voter Registration Privacy Protection

SB 1567: Energy Infrastructure Resilience

HB 4017: AG's Data Broker Registry Bill

HB 3047: Anti-Doxxing Bill, with Candidate & Ballot Measure Filer Privacy

SB 792: Protect Children's Personal Info

SB 293: Develop Privacy, Confidentiality & Tech Recommendations

HB 2459: Video Conference Privacy


U.S. state and national policymakers have joined the global debate over digital protection of personal information, mined for multi-billion dollar advertising revenues. Experts now characterize media manipulation as ‘information disorder. The impact of artificial intelligence on MDM, Mis-, dis, and Mal- information deserves intense scrutiny going forward.


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