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League of Women Oregon’s Privacy and Cybersecurity positions were adopted in January 2020 after study and consensus. The 2020 elections further magnified election privacy and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Election systems—the cornerstone of democracy—are recognized as critical cyber infrastructure. Defending democracy requires protecting our election systems from escalating cyber-attacks and disinformation. We cannot wait, we need these positions now.


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U.S. state and national policy makers have joined the global debate over online protection of personal information. Tech companies convert personal information into multi-billion dollar advertising revenues, while experts now characterize media platforms’ information manipulation as ‘information disorder.’ The looming policy debate will determine both the future of privacy and the future of the internet. The League of Women Voters needs to adopt a position so they can have a voice in the policy debate.

LWVOR’s cybersecurity position goals build on expert analyses.


Information Security and Personal Information Protection


Goal 1: Create a comprehensive state and Federal regulatory framework for information security


  1.  Concurrence Position Statement

  2. Pros and Cons

  3. Rationale


Goal 2: Personal information protection should be based upon end-use of all information collected and shared


Electronic Business and Social Media

Goal 3: Increase the cybersecurity responsibilities of digital commerce and social media providers for stewardship and liability for information use and disinformation harms


Goal 4: Increase social media accountability for disinformation


Read the full study online. Thank you for defending the security of democracy, our institutions, and our communities!

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