By Chris Vogel and Anne Nesse, Education Policy Portfolio

(Anne Nesse)


SB 5514 awaits Governor’s signature, for $9.3B, $200M coming from the Educational Stability Fund,


From the Oregonian an article that reinforces increasing mental health funding with National Covid Relief funds.


An article from the New York Times on how the Biden administration would like to make school funding more equitable nationally. A $20B bill that would allow poorer districts to potentially receive the same good education as richer ones receive.


House Committee on Education holds informational hearing on diversity, summarizing funding crucial to equity and explaining Current Service Level (CSL). Representative Neron’s presentation (at 1:35) provided an Update on State School Fund Work Group on the need for increasing funding above current service levels: This method of funding measurement, that includes many variables, would be useful if more federal funds become available as well. It is based on poverty and many factors that affect school performance. Rep. Courtney Neron (LC 3826 Draft) is a funding bill impacting the CSL to be considered in the 2022 short session.  This is a major change in how funding might be allocated in the state school fund distributions to districts.


(Chris Vogel)

Some policy bills with a fiscal moved through the W&M Education-sub and were in full W&Ms Friday. These bills will now go to the House/Senate chambers for floor votes


These bills will now go to the House/Senate chambers for floor votes after clearing W&Ms on Friday 6/11.


HB 2055 establishes a Tribal Early Learning Hub

HB 2057  clarifies distribution of grants/money by the Department of Education

HB 2378 refines competency-based education in higher education

HB 2835 staffs benefits programs for students at institutions of higher education

SB 52 A, studies a statewide education plan, graduation requirements

SB 222 reimburses vision screenings of students

SB 233 A, makes transfer of academic credit between institutions more consistent


Checking “assigned measures” in W&Ms, there remains a huge bottleneck of bills to clear a fiscal “OK” as this session winds to an end before Sunday, June 27. To be heard in the W&Ms Education-sub on Monday, SB 5528 is the HECC budget. The Department of Education operating budget SB 5513 and the Early Learning budget policy bills HB 3073 B and others are anticipated this coming week. As with other areas considered by the Legislature, some critical funding will wait for the end of session “Christmas Tree” bill to receive funding or shall return another session for consideration.