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LWVOR Council 2022

Call to Council 2022

Virtual Weekend

Friday, May 13th–Sunday, May 15th

Council: Council is the biennial state meeting of the League of Women Voters, held on alternate years to the State Convention.  First Call is issued so local Leagues can begin to plan and discuss matters that should be presented at Council.

Time and Place: Virtual Zoom Weekend, events on Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14

Host League: League of Women Voters of Lincoln County

Purpose: The Council shall give guidance to the LWVOR Board on program, methods of work, and budget as submitted by the LWVOR Board of Directors.

The Council shall adopt a budget for the ensuing year and shall transact such other business as shall be presented by the LWVOR Board.

Representation: In a council year, each recognized local League shall be entitled to two (2) delegates. Each approved State (MAL) Unit shall be entitled to one delegate. For those MAL members, not in an approved State Unit, MAL representation at council shall be one delegate selected as established in the LWVOR Policies, Procedures & Guidelines. If there are fewer than 10 MALs, the interest of the MALs shall be represented by the LWVOR Membership Chair. Each local League may designate the same number of alternates as allotted delegates. Any number of observers may attend.

Download 2019 bylaws here.

NEW!! Download workbook here

Workshops and Panels

President's Meet and Greet

Saturday, May 14, 2022

1:00 AM

An informal virtual meeting with LWVOR President, Becky Gladstone.

The Future of the League in Oregon

Friday, May 13, 2022

10:00 PM

Goal: To highlight the volunteer needs of LWV OR and how to successfully resolve them. DEI associate issues will be included.

Outline of workshop:  (Total 90 minutes)

Short presentations (max 10 min) by each panelist to highlight their area of interest. (30 minutes total)

This will be followed by the nominating committee chairs commenting on what they heard, concerns, and how it is reflected in their work. (10-15 min)

Open Discussion by attendees on how LWVOR can successfully meet its future needs. (30-40 min)

Summary by Robin/Becky on positive actions we can take. (10 minutes)

Peggy Bengry, LWV OR Voter Service - 10 min
Alice Bartelt, LWV OR Action - 10 min
Mimi, Joyce, LWV Deschutes, Membership Co-Chairs - 10 min

Libby and Diana, Nominating Committee Chairs - 10-15 min


Becky Gladstone

Note Taker and Summary

Robin Tokmakian

LWVOR Business Meeting - Observer Registration ONLY

Saturday, May 14, 2022

8:00 PM

If you wish to be a voting delegate, please contact your local League President. If you wish to simply observe the proceedings, the registration link is available now through the button on the left.

Presidents: Register your delegates here.

-> Download workbook <-

Business Meeting Agenda, May 14, 2022, 1:00pm – 4:00 pm

1. Welcome (President Rebecca Gladstone)
2. Zoom Meeting Instructions (Parliamentarian Alice Bartelt)
3. Adoption of the Credentials Report
4. Adoption of the Meeting Rules
5. Adoption of the Meeting Agenda
6. Presentation, discussion and vote on proposed Budget for FY 2022-23
7. Presentation of Nominating Committee Report (Libby Medley) and election of 2022-23 Board
8. Closing remarks
9. Adjournment

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