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February 21, 2022 - Week 3

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Campaign Finance Reform



Public Records

Norman Turrill, Governance Coordinator, Rebecca Gladstone, and Chris Cobey

Most bills here are pausing, not affected by current deadlines, as other bills struggle with cutoff dates. Read for their progress, and CFR legal action filed to the Oregon Supreme Court by chief petitioners including LWVOR President, Rebecca Gladstone. One newly relevant privacy bill is emerging.

Campaign Finance Reform (Norman Turrill)

SB 1526-1 and SB 1561 are stuck in Senate Rules. See League testimony. Senators Golden and Wagner have told Honest Elections Oregon that these are now dead, apparently too complex for the short session. Legal challenges to the initiatives relieved the pressure to pass something in response to the passage of Measure 107, now nearly two years ago.

Honest Elections Oregon and chief petitioners have appealed the Secretary of State’s rejection of initiative petitions 43, 44 and 45 to the Oregon Supreme Court. See OPB, the petitioners press release, and the appeals. This means that any ballot titles appeal can go forward to the Supreme Court concurrently with the appeal of the SoS’s rejections, and signature gathering may not be delayed. In the meantime, two more campaign finance limits initiatives, IP 52 and IP 53, were filed. They would not have enough time to gather signatures and qualify for the ballot.

Redistricting (Norman Turrill)

The People Not Politicians coalition is still continuing with IP 34, now awaiting the ballot title appeal by opponents to the Oregon Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will take as much time as it needs to make a decision, so it may be late February or early March before signature gathering can begin. That should allow enough time to collect the 150,000 valid signatures that must be delivered to the Secretary of State by July 8.

Cybersecurity and Privacy (Becky Gladstone)

HB 4155 Several legislators commented, if these ransomware and cybersecurity presentations don't scare you, check your audio settings, after a second public hearing with ransomware testimony from Glendale OR, pop. 860, from Tillamook County, and also from Microsoft and Google. This cybersecurity omnibus passed from JCLIMT with League support on Feb 18 to Joint W&Ms. The committee discussed sending a letter jointly, to press for Joint W&Ms support. We will press further for support.

We expect progress for these bills despite no hearings scheduled as of this writing:

HB 4017, for an Oregon Data Broker Registry, see LWVOR support. Referred to W&Ms Sub for Transportation and Economic Development.

HB 4092, for statewide broadband expansion, see LWVOR support. Referred to W&Ms.

HB 4133, with League support, passed in the House on a partisan vote of 33 to 23, to align paper and online voter registration access. This partisan hot spot for voter registration access has moved to Senate Rules. See press from OPB and Oregon Capital Chronicle.

HB 4144: Amendment negotiations are underway. League testimony, in “support with comments”, urges protection for election workers, for their home addresses from public exposure. We recommend amending to improve the legislation by adapting to include other statutory definitions for harassment, public servants, and personal information. We further recommend collaboration with other relevant bills. See hearing video from 34.00. See privacy concerns in League support for HB 3047 Enrolled (2021), the anti-doxxing bill.

SB 1527 A, with LWVOR support, passed on the Senate floor, 23 to 3, referred to House Rules. It updates references to “secrecy envelopes” and revises elections recount timing.

HB 4140 for public meeting access and OGEC ( Oregon Government Ethics Commission) ethics oversight, has not progressed to a work session. Thanks to Chris Cobey for League support.

Public Records, Meetings and Ethics (Chris Cobey)

HB 4114: Requires members of district school board for common school district or union high school district to file verified statement of economic interest with Oregon Government Ethics Commission. February 18: reported from House Rules with do pass recommendation (vote: 7-0); scheduled for House Floor: second reading, February 21; third reading, February 22.

SB 1566: Establishes annual salary of members of Legislative Assembly equal to annual occupational mean wage estimate for Oregon for prior year. Directs that the salary of members of the Legislative Assembly be adjusted to conform to the annual occupational mean wage estimate only once every two years. Applies cost-of-living adjustment to monthly interim expense allowance received by members. Authorizes child care allowance for members who have children or dependents under 13 years of age. Applies to pay periods beginning on or after January 1, 2023. Scheduled for Senate Rules Work Session, February 22, 1:00 pm.

HJR 203: Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution to vest power of impeachment of statewide elected Executive Branch officials in the House of Representatives and power to try impeachments in Senate. Requires three-fifths majority vote of House of Representatives to deliver impeachment resolution to Senate and two-thirds majority vote of Senate for conviction. Limits judgment to removal from office and disqualification from holding other public office. Refers proposed amendment to people for approval or rejection at next regular general election held throughout this state. February 16: motion to withdraw from House Rules failed; ayes, 26; nays, 30.

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