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President's Newsletter - July 2022

Dear LWVOR Members,

Oregon’s LWVUS Convention 2022 delegation saw the SCOTUS Roe v. Wade repeal coming and rallied in Denver last week. This profound abortion rights loss threatens to topple a stack of other rights that, frankly, threaten our democracy, especially chilling with J6 insurrection news.

Don’t take this sitting down! We have more information about what you can do here. There’s plenty to do, keep reading! This 4th of July weekend is Critical for IP 17 signatures! (DEADLINE July 7!)

Summer used to be slow for League work. Make it a Happy 4th of July! Be well, stay safe, and pace yourselves for the busy fall elections ahead, with so many important races!



The board is short-handed and setting up for the Nominating Committee revamp Task Force requested at our LWVOR convention. The LWVUS Nominating Committee shared their successful best practices. They reconfigured to assess needs, with detailed recommendations we will share with local League leaders. Contact us if you have skills to offer for these LWVOR OPENINGS:

  • Program/Studies–OPEN! We need a program chair to promote the timeline for competitive local League study proposals for next May’s LWVOR Convention.

  • HR Chair–OPEN! Ideally, experience with managing employees would be a real plus.

  • Communications–OPEN!


Read about why League volunteers matter more than ever, from PEW:

Want to DO SOMETHING?! There will be more volunteer opportunities in the August newsletter. You don’t need to wait!

Here are volunteer opportunities:

This weekend: Collect IP 17 signatures, deadline, July 7th.

Research Ballot Measures: The Secretary of State has sent FEC (Financial Estimate Committee) news with four ballot measures, a good indication of strong footing for November elections. Researchers could start now. Contact Voter ED Chair, Peggy Bengry or staff, to apply.

  • IRR 401, a constitutional amendment related to affordable healthcare access, school funds and essential services.

  • IRR 402, a constitutional amendment related to removing language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime.

  • IP 14, a constitutional amendment related to legislator unexcused absences.

  • IP 17, related to firearms permits, firearm database, and ammunition magazines.


League Action and Voter Education intersect with Ballot Measures!

ACTION (for some):


  • Research state Ballot Measures

  • Produce Vote411 & Voters’ Guides

  • Speakers’ Bureau


This important real-time Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer Map was released June 30. Expect slow download times given the heavy usage. Read about the wildland-urban interface (WUI) and statewide wildfire risk map now available through the Oregon Explorer, as required by Senate Bill 762 (2021). The map can help to decide and plan for mitigating wildfire risk for communities throughout Oregon.

Oregon State University produced the map based on administrative rules adopted by the Board of Forestry at their June 8 meeting. The rules—developed in consultation with a rulemaking advisory committee comprised of 26 members representing a wide variety of stakeholder interests—outline:

  • boundary criteria for the WUI,

  • how each of five wildfire risk classes is assigned to individual properties

  • how property owners in the extreme and high risk classes are to be notified

  • how property owners may appeal their assigned risk class.


The LWVOR delegation organized with prep ZOOMs and group messaging, attended both virtually and in-person, and marched to the Denver state house to protest the SCOTUS repeal of Roe v. Wade. See our Facebook for the video overview from first-time attendee, Amber Nobe from Portland.

We presented a caucus and concurrences for Privacy & Cybersecurity, partnering with LWV Colorado, who presented an election security concurrence, derived from our position. Neither was recommended by the LWVUS Board, nor did they pass, among 67 non-recommended items.

The LWVUS Structural Transformation Plan was adopted, see full coverage in an upcoming edition of The VOTER. We are collecting delegation comments to share in The VOTER, watch for it!


The Case Method Institute’s August 20th Workshop for League-nominated teachers is still open for teacher nominations, welcomed on a rolling basis. The FINAL deadline to nominate teachers is 5pm Friday, July 15th 2022 (Eastern).

To nominate teachers, send teachers’ names, email addresses and school affiliations to Deirdre Kamlani at: The team at the Case Method Institute will be in touch shortly thereafter to set up an introductory phone call. Leagues should look for enthusiastic teachers of US history, government, or civics (grades 9-12). We can only consider active high school teachers in these subject areas.

This unique and exciting program includes:

  • An afternoon of live, online training with Harvard Business School Professor David Moss on Saturday, “History of American Democracy” course and the case method teaching approach.

  • A full curriculum of Harvard cases free of cost from “History of American Democracy.”

  • An 4-hour training program, case method teaching.

  • A certificate from the Institute detailing 32 hours of professional development, delivered upon successful completion of the course and related training and implementation.

The training is the entry-point to a sustained partnership with the Case Method Institute for Education and Democracy, which aims to help teachers more effectively deliver on the democratic promise of a high school education. By completing the training, teachers gain access to the full curriculum of cases (which can be taught individually or as a stand-alone course) as well as ongoing support from the program staff to help with implementation. The Case Method Institute provides everything entirely free of charge.


The LWVUS Convention 2022 Keynote Speaker, Valerie Jensen, JD, is the VP of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) for Planned Parenthood North Central States. She talked about CRT (Critical Race Theory) and recommends a book she loves: Inclusion On Purpose

It sets out a DEI journey with a roadmap for each of us as individuals.

From the author, Ruchika Tulshyan:

“My focus is always on understanding and dismantling systems of oppression, rather than blaming individuals. The problem isn’t men, it’s patriarchy. The problem isn’t white people, its white supremacy. The problem isn’t straight people, it’s homophobia. Read this book to learn cutting-edge inclusion best practices.”

Thank you for reading the state League update.

Becky Gladstone,

President, LWVOR

Thank you for reading this newsletter!

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