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Redistricting Volunteers Needed Now!

Date: June 8, 2020

To: All League Members

From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President

Chris Cobey, Redistricting Coordinator

REDISTRICTING VOLUNTEERS NEEDED NOW! Contact Chris Cobey:, 650.743.5653

  • To VOLUNTEER In the Salem Campaign Office: Help process incoming petitions NOW!

  • To VOLUNTEER Around Oregon: Outreach for signatures, answer questions, supply petitions

Get E-Petitions HERE We need you to help process petitions in Salem under COVID-19 restrictions, follow up on direct and electronic mail, and collect signatures from family, friends, neighbors and the general public. This is an historic petition drive. As far as we know a “distance” petition drive has never been attempted before and is very expensive. Remember to sign and return the petitions. Get more petitions from the People Not Politicians (PNP) campaign website, the sooner, the better! Petitions need to be mailed by June 29th to be processed and filed with the Secretary of State by July 2. After that, petitions must be hand delivered to the campaign. For any questions, please contact Chris Cobey at or 650.743.5653. Support Oregon IP 57: Citizens’ Independent Redistricting Commission LWVOR, the League of Women Voters of Oregon, supports this initiative. The LWVUS is actively working for Redistricting Reform in ALL 50 STATES! See the People Not Politicians campaign website for IP 57 information.

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