May 2022 Election Info Gathering

Start Date:

End Date:

Type of Work:

Time Commitment:

March 8, 2022

Any time before Election Day, May 17, 2022, as work completes

Data Entry and/or Research

Candidate info gathering - <1 hr/week

Ballot Measure Research - TBD

The May Primary will be run with new districts and an electorate buffeted by a pandemic and unprecedented political polarization. We’re asking local league volunteers to step in again to help voters with unbiased information.

LWVOR is committed to producing a printed guide of state-wide and congressional candidates, including editions for seeing-impaired voters, and a comprehensive Vote411 online.

In addition to your league’s important work to register voters and hold candidate forums, interviews and other events, volunteers will be asked to help the state effort by

  • Meeting several times during the months leading up to the elections to coordinate and share ideas with other leagues and with the state Voter Service Chair and Vote411 admin.

  • Gathering race and candidate contact information for the local county. This involves checking county websites every day after March 8 to check if they have posted candidate information. once they have, you will enter in the candidate's information into a pre-formatted spreadsheet we will provide.

  • Creating good questions for Vote411 and the printed guide as well as for forums and interviews.

  • Researching ballot measures and writing reports.

  • Advertising league events in your area on Vote411.

  • Calling candidates who don’t respond to Vote411 to urge them to participate.

The first Zoom meeting of local league voter service volunteers will be in mid-January. One of the agenda items will be questions for candidates. It’s not too early to begin thinking about that!

Please contact Peggy Bengry at if you'd like to help!