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Redistricting in Oregon

We need FAIR and EQUAL redistricting for fair representation for all communities of Oregon. Make your voice heard and read on to learn more.

Public Hearings

Oregon's New Districts

On September 27, 2021 the Legislative Assembly completed the adoption of new congressional and legislative redistricting maps for Oregon with the passage of Senate Bill 881 A and Senate Bill 882. Governor Brown subsequently signed both measures.

Oregon's 6 New Congressional Districts

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adopted OR con map 2021.png
Oregon's New Legislative Districts
adopted house map.png
adopted senate map.png



Oregon State Redistricting Page

  • Find all 2021 redistricting committee hearings and testimony

  • The US and Oregon constitutional and statutory redistricting standards

IP 34 Full Text

Initiative petition to create an independent redistricting commission, possibly on November 2022 ballots.

People Not Politicians Oregon (PAC)

  • Full coalition information

  • Detailed redistricting plan

Brennan Center Tips for Effective
Redistricting Comments

The public’s comments really do influence the drawing of new voting district maps. 
In the early 2010s, I traveled around the country observing dozens of redistricting hearings in the western United States and analyzing nearly a thousand comments provided by private citizens, public officials, and group representatives to redistricting authorities. The result was....

US Census: How to Download the Complete Set of 2020 Redistricting Files for Your State 

In this Data Gem, learn about where to find and download the complete P.L.94-171 Redistricting Data Files from the 2020 Census for your state using the Census Bureau’s File Transfer Protocol site. 


9/27/21: Governor to sign Legislature’s proposed maps.

If the Legislature FAILS TO enact maps*:

9/27/21:  SoS advisory redistricting commission named

9/28/21: OR Supreme Court Chief Justice names a 5-judge CD mapping panel

*10/25/21: * ELECTORS Deadline to challenge ENACTED legislative maps

10/18/21: SoS legislative map proposal to OR Supreme Court

11/15/21: ELECTORS Deadline to challenge SoS maps

2/7/22: Legislative and CD maps must be complete, per Oregon Supreme Court