League Testimony

SB 236– Eliminating expulsion in early childhood care and education programs– Support

Education, Healthcare

HB 3037 –Directs medical examiner to report suspected suicides involving decedents 24 years of age or younger to local mental health authority – Support

Education, Healthcare

HB 2388A - Pharmacy Benefit Managers - Support

Healthcare, Governance

HB 4017 - Basic Health Program - Support

Social Policy, Healthcare

HB 2381– Modifies laws relating to youth suicide intervention and prevention to include children under 10 years of age – Support

Healthcare, Education

SB 1535 - Methods for collecting information used in the pharmaceutical supply chain - Support


HB 3391 - Reproductive Health Equity Act - Support

Women's Issues, Healthcare

Comments on Cumulative Risks and Background, Nov. 17, 2016 meeting

Air Quality, Healthcare, Natural Resources




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