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Becky Gladstone

Co-President and Action Chair

Oregon politics became a top priority when we arrived in 1992, as Measure 5 cuts hit our public schools. For me that meant Parent and Site Council leadership a teach school, District Technology, Netiquette, and Parent Councils. I chaired book and science fairs, Library Volunteers, magazine sales, and an all-night HS graduation party. I recruited teams to costume six HS musicals, with large casts and costume changes, from bolts of fabric. I established an ongoing e-newsletter and high school student/parent directory. I was a six-year career center counselor. Public school support led to lobbying, campaigns and political party work including volunteer coordination for county, congressional district and state-wide outreach, with two national conventions as a delegate. I served two terms as an elected state party secretary, then recruited my replacement.

I grew up as an Army (Intelligence) Brat, mostly overseas, moving a lot. My husband and I met in Honors Organic Chemistry, UW in Seattle, where he went on to UW Medicine and I graduated from UW School of Fisheries in 1979. I worked in an analytical lab then became a very active Navy Wife, enjoying a daughter born in Virginia, another in Bethesda, Maryland, ten days before two years on Guam. I had a nearly subscription to Ms. Magazine, knew that NOW stood for National Organization for Women and Naval Officers’ Wives, bridging them. I volunteered along the way: Red Cross, Smithsonian greenhouses, Navy Relief budget counseling, selling for scholarships at the Wives’ Club Bazaar on Guam, Children’s Story Hour at the Orange, CT Public Library, the nine very school along the way.

I am married to Igor, a Eugene neonatologist. Daughter Anna now has a background in both math and computer science and daughter Laura is a Physics Post doc at Case Western. When I have time, I cook, read, garden, knit and sew, including the 1912 Suffragist costumes I “built” for our 2012 LWVOR Rose Parade Entry (

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