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Our History

Our Mission

We’re political but nonpartisan, with dedicated members in all 50 states and more than 700 communities. We advocate on behalf of the public interest instead of special interests. We arrive at our positions after in-depth study and every-member consensus. We have a well-earned 100-year-old reputation as a respected and influential participant in the political process.

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Steps forward and back

1848 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton gathered 100 women’s rights advocates in Seneca Falls
1865 - 13thAmendment – Slavery abolished
1868 - 14thAmendment – Birthright citizenship
1869 - 
Susan B. Anthony founds the National American Women’s Suffrage Association
1870 - 15th Amendment –Right to vote ensured on account of race,
color, or previous condition of servitude

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