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Become A Member

Join a League in your community!

For over 100 years, the League has been a powerful, grassroots organization that works to educate voters and make government more accountable to the people. 


We have members throughout the state of Oregon and 14 local Leagues. Most Leagues offer free or discounted membership for students. Join the League in your area!

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Find Your Local League

Register or Renew at the State Level

Members who don't reside near a local League can join at the state level as a Member-At-State (MAS)! If you've already joined at this level and are looking to renew, you can use the same registration form linked below or download our printable registration form. Membership is free for students!

"I fully support this organization with my efforts and funding- studies of current issues, Voter registration and education, volunteers doing legislative advocacy, something for everyone. Help us!"

Rebecca Gladstone, LWV of Lane Co. and State Board Action Chair

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