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From LWVOR "Voting Age" testimony 

"The League of Women Voters believes we all have a role to play in inspiring and empowering young Americans to register and vote. For us, that often means reaching out to potential new voters while they are still in high school. We have a special responsibility to reach out to those most often left behind: with no college experience, living in neighborhoods predominately of color, or where voter registration drives are rarely held." Submitted to Oregon State Legislature in 2021.

Civics Education Curriculum

Our free, non-partisan Civics Education Curriculum covers voting, government, and elections. It's packed with classroom-ready lessons and activities, printable handouts and more!

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The Case Method Project

This initiative formed to achieve two goals:

  1. Bring case method teaching to high schools and colleges

  2. Use this methodology to deepen students’ understanding of American democracy