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Climate Emergency

Legislative Report - Week of 2/12

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By Claudia Keith, Climate Emergency Coordinator, and Team

Climate Emergency Priority Bills

SB 1559 GHG Modernization

Because of real or perceived opposition party threats Legislature Leadership has chosen not to move SB 1559 GHG Emission Modernization – to a vote, as discussed in 2/13 SE&E PH. League Testimony. The bill which would have updated Oregon’s 2007 GHGE targets to reflect current science is now dead. The League fines this unacceptable, and we are considering a letter to Leg Leadership and the Governor.

Budget Omnibus Bill - End of Session JW&M committee: Support funding for: Healthy Homes, EV Rebate, Climate-Friendly Micro-mobility transport and Environmental Justice related Worker Relief funding Programs all totaling $59 million. There is currently $15M in SB1530 for Healthy Homes. 

See also the Housing Report in the Social Policy section of this Legislative Report.


Other Climate Emergency Bills

League testimony posted, or we are following and may have testimony:

Off-Shore Wind: League HB 4080 Testimony, Find discussion in Natural Resources Legislative Report.

Clean Tech Leadership Bill  HB 4112 public hearing was 2/12 and 2/14 and planned work session 2/19. League Testimony. Funding is $20M.

Right to Repair: HB 1596 Find discussion in NR Leg Report, League Testimony                           

HB 4155 Infrastructure funding study   - Rep Gamba and Sen Golden - was in HEMGGV committee, moved to JWM. Fiscal $250K. Testimony is planned.

HB 4083 Coal Act:  Requires Oregon Investment Council and Treasury to divest from Thermal Coal investments. Work Session HEMGGV 2/16. House Chamber vote is scheduled for 2/19. Testimony is planned for Senate PH.

HB 4102  Funding mechanism for Natural and Working Lands Fund. (carbon sequestration). Almost unanimous Affirmative House vote, now in the Senate, Zero Fiscal.

Environmental Justice: Budget Omnibus Bill – End of Session: Continue Oregon Worker Relief Funding $9M.

Senate Energy and Environment

By Claudia Keith

The committee moved SB 1581-2 to the Senate floor with a do-pass recommendation (Hayden objecting). As amended, the bill simply requires PGE and Pacific Power to verbally report to the legislature by January 15 each year on "activities, including plans or preparations, that the investor-owned utility has taken or is taking toward participating in a regional energy market.” The amended bill has a sunset date of 1/2/2031. Supporters said the bill would ensure that the legislature stays informed on the emerging impacts of competing power markets even though the PUC regulates these activities. 

Department of Environmental Quality: Action on Climate Change Home: Action on Climate Change: State of Oregon

Department of Environmental Quality: Climate Protection Program:  State of Oregon. 

Climate Emergency News

Recent publications:

Climate Emergency Team and Volunteers Needed 

Please consider joining the CE portfolio team; we lack volunteers in these critical policy areas:

• Natural Climate Solutions, specifically Oregon Dept of Agriculture (ODA)

• Climate Related Lawsuits/Our Children’s Trust

• Public Health Climate Adaptation (OHA)

• Regional Solutions / Infrastructure (with NR team)

• State Procurement Practices (DAS: Dept. of Admin. Services)

• CE Portfolio State Agency and Commission Budgets

• Climate Migration 

 Oregon Treasury: ESG investing/Fossil Fuel divestment


We collaborate with LWVOR Natural Resource Action Committee members on many Climate Change mitigation and adaptation policy topics. Volunteers are needed: Training for Legislative and State Agency advocacy processes is available.

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