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Climate Emergency

Legislative Report - Week of 6/12

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By Claudia Keith, Climate Emergency Coordinator


**Action Needed: Please contact your State Senator and Representative to encourage them to support these two CE Budget Bills **

These two CE related JWM budget package bills have been approved by Full JWM.


HB 3409A Climate Budget Package sits in House third Reading, $61.7M Fiscal


HB 3630A Energy Budget Package passed the House and now is waiting for first Reading in the Senate. $4.7M Fiscal.


Here’s a draft of bill numbers included in these two packages.


· RE Building Bills (SB 868, 869, 870, 871, HB 3166)

· State Energy Strategy and Resilience Planning (HB 2534 & 3378)

· Community Resilience Hubs (HB 2990)

· Community Green Infrastructure Act AKA TREES Act (HB 3016)

· Woody Biomass for Low-Carbon Fuels (HB 3590)

· Environmental Justice and Tribal Navigator (SB 852)

· Medium and Heavy-Duty EV Incentives (HB 2714)

· Renewable Energy Siting (HB 3181)

· Natural Climate Solutions (SB 530)

· Climate Action Modernization (SB 522)

· Residential Solar Rebate Program Extension (HB 3418)

· Residential Heat Pump Program Extension (HB 3056)

· Climate Protection Program Fee Bill (HB 3196)

· Harmful Algal Blooms (HB 2647)

· Community Renewable Energy Grant Program (HB 2021, 2021)


The League has not received a reconciliation to determine which items are missing from the promised Climate $100M Package. Nor do we have the updated list of State Agency POPS that are affected. We expect HB3630 to receive a Senate vote soon, because of unresolved OBI (Oregon Business and Industry) unclear issues, HB3409 may be pulled from a planned Tues June 20 vote in the House.


These budget packages address many climate and energy bills and some prioritized State Agency Budget POPs; they do not relate to any CE related policy changes including new SB 522 Oregon GHGE reduction targets by decade. The State of Oregon and many Oregon jurisdictions are not aligned with 2023 IPCC goals nor ‘Juliana vs U.S.‘ return to 350 ppm C02 by 2100 ; and or by 2100 limiting warming to 1.5-degree Celsius.


Environmental Justice

SB 907 A ‘Right to Refuse Dangerous work’ was signed by the Governor on June 7.


Other CE Bills


HB 2763 A Creates a State Public Bank Task Force, League Testimony. Like the 2022 session RB task force, a 23-member Task Force is required to recommend no later than January 2024. “The report must include a recommendation for a governing structure for a public bank.” Concerning, after a favorable House vote the Senate President sent this bill back to JWM.


The House passed HB 3550 (light-duty vehicles), now awaiting referral at the Senate President’s Desk 

HB 3179B, Renewable Energy Permitting Process, Senate Desk awaiting 2nd Reading.

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