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Legislative Report - Week of 1/16

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Transparency 

By Rebecca Gladstone

Two major bills that passed unanimously from committees in 2022 and failed to progress will now be moving in 2023. 

SB 2052 is the AG’s Oregon Data Broker Registry bill, heard in House Business and Labor. We called attention in our League testimony in support to data brokers influencing elections. We urge ongoing legislative attention to privacy, transparency, and cybersecurity issues because they evolve quickly. Other testimony spoke to biometrics revealing pregnancy since hips widen and gait recognition may perceive changes. Gait recognition may be a more reliable individual  identifier than other biometric measurements. Data brokers can market geolocation information, also a privacy issue if they sell geolocation tracking information, for example to health clinics. Chair Holvey called our attention to the companion SB 619, not yet scheduled for public hearing. 

The Joint Committee for Information Management and Technology has three committee bills, none scheduled for hearings yet. The committee is introducing concepts and agency staff to new committee members.

HB 2049 We will continue to support his cybersecurity omnibus committee bill.

SB 625 We will be examining this IT procurement pilot program bill.

SB 680 We may address this committee broadband development bill for the southern Oregon coast.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED. Worthy causes go unaddressed for lack of League volunteers. If you see a need and can offer your expertise, please contact our staff at

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