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Hybrid Event Toolkit

Offering resources for creating successful hybrid event experiences that focus on brand messaging, content, technology, and logistics.

Key Elements Of Hybrid Events


Checklist for Set-Up

What A/V equipment is best for running a hybrid meeting? What Zoom webinar settings optimize virtual engagement? We have put together a checklist of hybrid equipment and best practices to review before your next meeting or event. 


Event Management

Hybrid events benefit from flexible ticketing, consistent messaging, social media outreach, and more. See below for resources centering around marketing and ticketing your event for both in-person and virtual registrants. 


Optimizing Engagement

Hybrid events involve balancing the needs of both in-person and virtual attendees. We have created a space for resources that offer best practices for optimizing virtual engagement while preserving the in-person experience. 

Tools For Your Toolkit

Essential Components of Running Hybrid Meetings

A/V Equipment

Marketing and Ticketing

Virtual Engagement

Collaborative Experiences

Meeting Equipment

Online Facilitator

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