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MILANA SLOAN (she/her)

DEIJ Co-Chair and Youth Vote Committee
DEIJ Co-Chair and Youth Vote Committee

Mila Sloan is attending University of Oregon majoring in Public Planning, Policy and Management and is a member of the League of Women Voters of Oregon.

She is passionate about social justice for marginalized communities and has active volunteer and nonprofit experience with HIV Alliance in Eugene with formal training on Diversity, Equity, Harm Reduction, and Inclusive Language in relation to sexual orientation and health.

Mila plans to continue her work after graduation in 2024 within the nonprofit community, addressing urgent housing, gentrification and city planning.

She is excited to be part of the League of Women Voters of Oregon Youth Council to build effective civic engagement in Oregon communities. The importance of voting and having your voice heard only continues to grow with the continuing changes of our systems and institutions. Mila hopes to help build the knowledge and experience of young voters.

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