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Fall Workshop 2023


Thank you for attending LWVOR's Fall Workshop! Please let us know about your experience at the event. Submit your evaluation form here.


10:00 AM     Welcome from Board and guest speakers, coffee and pastries

10:10 AM     LWV Liaison for Oregon: Alexis Juday-Marshall

10:20 AM     Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) Update

10:30 AM     Voter Service Update: Peggy Bengry, Ballot Measure Chair

10:45 AM     Outreach Circle presentation (virtual)


11:15 AM     Lunch


11:30 AM     Keynote Speaker (Elections Director Molly Woon) through Lunch (virtual)


12:30 PM     Youth Council / Oregon Student Mock Election / Youth Outreach Workshop + Facilitated Q&A


1:45 PM        Closing remarks 


Printable program available here, featuring speaker bios and full event agenda.

Keynote and LWVUS Speaker Biographies

​​​​​​​​​​Molly Woon (she/her)​ - Elections Director

Molly is the Elections Director and is responsible for the administration of Oregon's vote by mail elections system by working closely with state agencies, 36 counties throughout Oregon, and the division’s dedicated staff. She oversees the state initiative, referendum and candidate processes, as well as campaign finance regulations and state voting resources.

Born and raised in the Northwest, this is Molly’s second stint working in the Secretary of State's Office. In 2015 and 2016, she served as the Communications Director for Oregon Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins, overseeing communications for implementation of the Oregon’s first-in-the-nation system of automatic voter registration, Oregon Motor Voter.

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​​​​​​​​​​Alexis Juday-Marshall (she/her)​ - LWV Liaison to Oregon

Alexis Juday-Marshall joined the League of Women Voters in late 2018. During her time in the Washington State League, Alexis was a member of the Observer Corps, which presented an opportunity to see government in action and to promote transparency and accountability in government processes. As a climate action guide and co-chair of the Environmental Committee of King County/Seattle, she collaborated with other members and local officials to increase public engagement on climate change matters. She also served as a Delegate for the LWVUS for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

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​​​​​​​​​​Luana Chaires (she/her)​ - LWVUS Digital Relational Organizing Manager

Luana Chaires is a digital relational organizing manager with the League of Women Voters where she is using her direct-service and advocacy experiences to increase equity in democracy by working closely with League affiliates. Additionally, Luana works directly with state and local Leagues to strengthen their digital organizing muscle and oversee the development and rollout of League In Action nationwide. You can learn more about Luana and her colleagues' work here.

Luana holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from St. Edward’s University. Throughout her undergraduate career, Luana became committed to better understanding the principle of fair equal representation. As a Ronald McNair scholar, Luana focused her undergraduate research on evaluating the impact of independent redistricting commissions have on voter turnout and level of competition in congressional elections. 

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Youth Council Speaker Biographies

Youth Council Member Photos Celine.png
​​​​​​​​​​Celine Ioffe (she/her)​ - LWVOR Youth Council President

Celine is a high school senior in Portland and LWV Washington County member who is passionate about reproductive justice and our legal system. She is actively involved in Columbia Willamette Teen Council, a peer education and leadership program where members learn medically accurate and inclusive sexual health information, lead classroom presentations and organize events in schools and their communities around sexual health awareness. Celine interned for a DUI and domestic violence law firm last summer, and plans to attend university and law school after graduating in summer of 2024. She will be leading a diverse team of Youth Council members to build effective power in their communities to achieve their goals.

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Youth Council Member Photos Chris.png
CHRIS WALKER (he/him) - LWVOR Off-Board Liaison and Youth Council Vice President

Chris Walker is a Legislative Scholar advocating for more affordable higher education at the University of Oregon while majoring in Planning, Public Policy and Management, with a minor in Business Administration. Chris ran a nonprofit serving disadvantaged Oregon youth, has interned in Congress, and on Friday, February 10th, 2023 he was appointed to a ground-breaking role as a strong, influential voice as the League of Women Voters of Oregon Youth Liaison. Chris feels a definite stake in the commitment of our state and local Leagues to encourage youth leadership, and is mentoring a new LWVOR Youth Council inviting youth across Oregon to get connected and involved by emailing him at or messaging on their Instagram at @lwvoryouthcouncil

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Youth Council Member Photos Nivi.png
NIVEDITA GIANI (she/her) - LWVOR Youth Council Advocacy Chair

Nivedita Giani is attending Sunset High School and is a member of the League of Women Voters of Portland.

She is passionate about advocating for climate justice, reproductive rights, and workplace equity. She is currently the national delegate for Sunrise PDX, an organization committed to combating climate change. She is actively involved in a local campaign as well as a national campaign to help make public transportation more accessible and widespread. She is a staunch advocate for the Green New Deal due to the prospect of decarbonization and sustainable good paying union jobs for all.

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Youth Council Member Photos Deenie (2).png
DEENIE BULYALERT (they/she) - LWVOR Youth Council DEIJ Co-Chair and Events Chair

Deenie is the DEIJ co-chair and Planning and Events Chair of the League of Women Voters of Oregon Youth Council and they are excited to build effective civic engagement in Oregon communities.

They are passionate about nonprofit work and advocacy for marginalized communities, specifically LGBTQ+, BIPOC and disabled youth. Deenie believes in the fight for improved mental health access for all and runs a coalition to support their efforts in these areas.

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Youth Council Member Milana.png
MILANA SLOAN (she/her) - LWVOR Youth Council DEIJ Co-Chair and Youth Vote Committee

Mila Sloan is attending University of Oregon majoring in Public Planning, Policy and Management and is a member of the League of Women Voters of Oregon.

She is passionate about social justice for marginalized communities and has active volunteer and nonprofit experience with HIV Alliance in Eugene with formal training on Diversity, Equity, Harm Reduction, and Inclusive Language in relation to sexual orientation and health.

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DEIJ Toolkit

Youth Council Slides

Outreach Circle/League In Action Resources

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