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We study issues...

  • Because we need detailed, reliable, carefully researched information.

  • So LWV members and citizens can reach their own conclusions.

  • To develop advocacy positions that can be used by our Action Team.


To request a hard copy of any of these reports, contact LWV of Oregon at Reports are free; however, there is a small charge to cover shipping. Some quantities may be limited. Many college and community libraries have copies as well.


You can find additional League studies, including national and other state studies, at the LWVUS Study Clearinghouse website.

Click on a box to download the whole study, see research materials, and learn more.
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Privacy and Cybersecurity

Kids Running
Children at
Cracked Rocks
Hard Rock
Coastal and Nearshore
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2006 – Oregon’s Homeless Youth

2005-2007 – The Oregon Judiciary: Challenges for the 21st Century

2005 – The Trial Jury in Oregon’s State Courts

2005 – Oregon Taxes: Myths and Facts

2004 – Funding Oregon: The Ins and Outs of State Finance

2004 – Campaign Finance Reform

2003 – Understanding Oregon’s Electricity Issues

2002 – Land Use: Progress and Challenges

2001 – Oregon’s Initiative System

2001 – Mental Health in Oregon

2000 – Farmworkers in Oregon

2000 – Effects of Measure 11 on Juvenile Justice

1999 – Shift in Oregon Household and Business Tax Burdens

1999 – K through 12 School District Financing

1998 – A Study of Oregon State Parks

1996 – Election Laws Study

1988 - Childcare In Oregon

Contact if you would like a physical copy of any study above. The following studies are only available in print: 


Children at Risk – 1995

Seismic Risks Study – 1994

Education Reform in Oregon: a Blueprint for the 21st Century – 1993

Adult Mental Health in Oregon – 1986 (Supplement – 1990)

Energy, Ecology, Economics: Oregon Offshore Development Issues – 1990

Oregon School Finance: Solving the Dilemma – 1988

Schools Project Report of Round I & II – 1988

Public Post-Secondary Education in Oregon – 1984

Adult Corrections in Oregon II – 1983

Public Policy on Reproductive Choices – 1982

Oregon’s Emergency Board: One of a Kind – 1982

Economic Development and Revenue Bonds – 1982

Who Will Elect the President? The Electoral College System – 1980

You and Your National Government – 1980 

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