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Instructions for Voucher


Please download the Excel Spreadsheet to fill out the voucher.

Please follow the steps below to fill out your voucher:

  • To complete the form, go to the first field, press Tab or use your mouse to click on the next form field and continue.

  • Continue to tab until all mileage and expenses are recorded.

  • After completing the form, print or save it again to your computer and then click on the “Submit by email” button at the bottom of the voucher.

  • This will trigger your email to open a new tab where you can attach the completed document.

After completing the form, it must be e-mailed or delivered to the person who is approving the expense. Please attach all receipts. If it is not possible to scan in receipts for e-mailed vouchers, they may be mailed directly to the office with your name and date of voucher printed on each. The person approving the expense has two options.

  • If approving the expense by e-mail, attach the voucher and scanned receipts, if any, to an e-mail with the following statement in the body of the e-mail: I, (your name) approve payment of the voucher dated (date) for (payee’s name) in the amount of ($ to be paid).

  • If approving the voucher by paper delivery, sign in the approval signature box and include receipts.

The voucher may then be submitted with copies going to both the League office and to the treasurer. Vouchers will not be paid without approval. It is very helpful to the treasurer if vouchers are presented for payment in the month that they occur. It is imperative that all vouchers be received before the annual closing of the books on June 30th. Please contact the treasurer Kermit Yensen with any questions or concerns –, 503-581-5722.

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