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Barbara Klein

1st Vice President and Communications Chair

Barbara was born and grew up in the northeast. Step by step, living in many states, she’s made her way around the nation to land in southern Oregon.

After becoming interested in election systems in 1999, she joined the League and has continued that work. This included co-chairing the passage of the 2020 LWVUS Voter Representation/Electoral Systems position.

Her latest League role is as LWVOR VP. She is also Action Chair for LWV Rogue Valley, and serves on the LWVOR action committee. Formerly, she was a long-serving VP and then state president of LWV Arizona, as well as co-president of LWV Metro Phoenix. She has served on numerous study committees, including one for National, and was a member of both LWV United States task forces on National Popular Vote and Redistricting.

Currently, she is a volunteer with OLLI at SOU, a core team member of several groups working to promote proportional representation and often organizes and speaks on voting topics. Previously, she was the chairperson of FairVote AZ.

Barbara’s education and professional career are varied. She taught music and special ed, was trained as a music therapist, was a “qualified mental health professional” in NY state where she worked as a probation officer. Her masters was in health care and hospital administration and her doctorate in chiropractic medicine. Barbara is a published author and currently writes a blog entitled and runs the fitness app,

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