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Freddi Weishahn

Development Co-Chair

I was fortunate to start my teaching career as a resource teacher in a university high school demonstration classroom with access to graduate students and their research on best practices. I also served as an adjunct instructor and practicum supervisor at Southern Oregon University and an instructor for Women in Transition at Lane Community College.

I am currently a member of the Homelessness and Poverty Workgroup advising the City of Eugene Human Rights Commission and assisting with grant writing for Everyone Village serving chronically unhoused individuals.

As a first-generation American, I am grateful for the freedom offered to my parents after surviving Nazi persecution. Our democracy is not something I take for granted. I joined the League in 2018 and continue learning and being inspired by mentors in my local and state League who have shown me how to participate effectively in our democracy.

I am amazed at the growth and involvement of our LWVOR Youth Council (YC) and have forged a connection with YC members attending the University of Oregon.

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