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Diana DeMaria

Membership Chair

Diana was born and spent her early years in Colorado. She then lived in many different Western states, attending three different high schools, before earning a Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington. A few months after graduation Diana was commissioned in the United States Marine Corps, where she served as Air Defense Control Officer and Administrative Officer. She married a Marine Naval Aviator (AV-8B Harrier) and became an FAA Air Traffic Controller, working in tower and radar facilities on both coasts and overseas.

After their two children graduated from high school, the couple moved aboard a 42-foot Hunter sailboat in the San Francisco Bay area. Then, in addition to becoming a sailor, Diana transitioned to federal law enforcement. After retiring from government work and moving back to the Pacific Northwest, Diana became interested in learning more about elections and joined LWV of Clackamas County. She is currently serving as LWVCC Membership Chair.

Her latest League roles are LWVOR Membership Chair and LWVOR Youth Outreach Co-Chair with Mimi Alkire and Elizabeth Kirby. The threesome works as a team to support the civic engagement of young and future Oregon voters. Diana is building on her extensive past volunteer experience as an adult literacy tutor, school PTA Secretary, HOA and Yacht Club Board Director, and after school athletic youth coach. The outdoors has always been her favorite place, and she can often be found in the mountains or on trails in the Pacific Northwest.

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