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Legislative Report - Week of 5/8


By Anne Nesse

Of interest last week was a public hearing on HB 3199A, in the Senate 5/4, already passed the House, limiting PE requirements by the state that were unattainable by many school districts. This outdated law had caused a number of Oregon school districts to be in non-compliance with state law. In a bipartisan effort, Rep. McIntire and Rep. Bowman as bill Chief Co-Sponsors, spoke together with others on the need to be more creative in giving students “brain breaks”, increased recess, increased extracurricular sports, increasing creativity in the design of outdoor time, and other new future efforts to increase student learning. The goal is to keep our students healthier physically and mentally. This law was represented as a beginning, to start this process statewide.

In an unfortunate sign of our times, HB 3584 nears complete passage, already passing the House, now going on to the Senate floor, directing schools or school districts to provide electronic communication to parents and guardians of students attending, and to school district employees employed at, school at which a safety threat action occurred.

Senate Education met 5/2 and 5/4,to send several House bills to the floor. The following is a list of a few nearing complete passage:

HB 2669, Declares children who are deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind have the same rights and potential as children who are not deaf, hard of hearing or deaf-blind.

HB 2740 A, Establishes a uniform method for calculating eligibility of part-time faculty member of community college or public university for certain health care, retirement and other benefits. Modifies method for calculation of hours of employment of academic employees of community colleges and public universities for purposes of Public Employees Retirement System.

House Education met 5/3 only, to send several Senate Bills to the floor, previously passed in the Senate.

The following is a list of ones that are nearing complete passage you might be interested in:

SB 218, Requires DOE and law enforcement agencies to make available to TSPC certain information received during investigation of suspected sexual conduct or child abuse.

SB 238 A, Directs OHA, State Board of Education and Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission to collaborate on developing curricula supplements related to dangers of certain drugs and to laws that provide immunity or other protections related to drug or alcohol use.

SB 756 A, Requires school district employees assigned to work with students with specialized needs to have access to specified records related to students, to be consulted when an education plan for a student is reviewed or revised and to be provided with adequate training.

SB 767 A, Limits scope by which public charter schools may conduct operations in a school in a district that is not a sponsor of the public charter school. Declares emergency, effective on passage.

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