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Action Alert: Time-Sensitive Action for Ranked Choice Voting

Date: June 24, 2023

To: All League Members

From: Alice Bartelt, LWVOR President; Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR Action Chair; Barbara Klein, Election Methods Lead; and Norman Turrill, Governance Coordinator

Support Ranked Choice Voting bill, HB 2004!

Our League supports Ranked Choice Voting bill, HB 2004. We are now so close. The bill is up for a vote on the last day of the legislative session—which is this Sunday, June 25.

Write as soon as you see this, no later than the Senate floor convening at 10am, Sunday. HB 2004 is the 6th vote on the roster, but they will be busy!

Please consider writing your senator in support. There are 3 Senators that might be in need of hearing some encouragement to vote "yes": Senators Woods, Frederick, and Meek. Please send a short note asking them, or other senators, to vote yes.

Contact them directly at:

For those in Benton County, please remind your senator that RCV here is appreciated; and it's easy to use and understand. We would like to see the option on the 2024 ballot.

We are so close. Contact your senator now.

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