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Action Alert: Time-Sensitive Action Needed for Climate 2023 Proposed Rulemaking

LWVOR Action for Climate 2023 Proposed Rulemaking!

Time-Sensitive Deadline: On or Before Oct 13, 2023, 4pm

Date: October 9, 2023

To: All League Members

From: LWVOR Co-Presidents Lisa Bentson & Rebecca Gladstone (Advocacy Chair)

Claudia Keith, LWVOR Climate Emergency Portfolio Coordinator

Arlene Sherrett, LWVOR Climate Emergency Portfolio

ACTION: Contact DEQ RE: Climate 2023 Rulemaking


We are asking local League members throughout Oregon to protect this critical piece of climate rulemaking by emailing DEQ at

EMAIL YOUR COMMENTS to DEQ: Tell DEQ what matters to you!

See our DEQ letter and tell DEQ what matters to You! We feel the Climate 2023 Rulemaking should:

  • Ensure direct benefits for Oregon communities by only allowing biomethane (aka Renewable Natural Gas) compliance credits for production within Oregon, not from out-of-state.

  • Restrict hydrogen for CPP compliance unless DEQ ensures it is green electrolytic hydrogen. Other hydrogen sources and types are far more polluting, with more risks for our energy system.

  • Strengthen emissions reduction requirements for industries.


DEQ is developing rules to implement the Climate Protection Program (CPP), passed with overwhelming community support after 18 months of work. These rules have been developed and won’t be reviewed again for another five years. The LWVOR Climate Emergency Team feels changes are still needed to close loopholes and guarantee robust emissions reductions.

The CPP’s Community Climate Investment (CCI) program is designed to play a key role in generating community benefits and limiting greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon. However, those benefits have been cut back by utilities’ input. This is our last opportunity to persuade DEQ to make changes before the proposed rules are presented to EQC for final approval in November!

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