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Program Planning

Purpose of League Program


The mission of the LWVOR is to promote political responsibility through informed positions on public policy issues and active participation on selected governmental issues. All League is work is guided by Principles, or concepts of government adopted by the LWVUS convention and supported by the League as a whole. These Principles are the basis for authorizing adoption of national, state and local program. League does not take action on any issue unless they have formally adopted a position. [LWVOR Bylaws, Article XI, 2019]


The League’s ‘Program’ defines the education and advocacy platform which LWVOR adopts to advance its purpose. League program consists of Action to implement established Principles and Study of governmental issues chosen for concerted study and action. Every two years before state convention local Leagues hold program planning meetings in which the members review current positions, readopt or drop them, and/or make recommendations for studying new issues to establish positions.


A League ‘Position’ states the League’s formal stance on a policy issue and is the cornerstone of League work. A position is formed through member-conducted study and agreement (consensus or concurrence), approved by the appropriate local or state board and then used as the basis for League action. Each position affirms a basic philosophy in general terms, defines the goals desired, and establishes guidelines against which proposals can be measured. The term ‘Program’ encompasses the entire process--from proposing a topic for study to acting on the position reached through that study, as well as including all positions that previously adopted by the League (at local, state, regional or national levels). 


Proposing a Study to Develop a Position (State, Odd Years)

Program study recommendations typically reflect community concerns, member interests, assessment of existing positions needing updates, or emerging issues. Local League boards recommend program study topics for approval at the League’s annual meeting or convention.


There are four main steps in developing a position:

  1. A League selects an issue to be studied at its local meeting or at its state Convention or Council.

  2. The League studies the issue in a non-partisan, unbiased and objective manner.

  3. Members come to agreement about the issue using either the process of consensus or concurrence.

  4. Based upon the result of the consensus or concurrence, a position statement is written, adopted by the respective League board, and subsequently approved by the League membership at an annual meeting or convention.

Links to 2025 Program Planning Files

2025 LWVOR Program Planning: Proposing New Studies

2025 LWVOR Program Planning Review and Updates

Key Deadlines for LWVOR 2025-2026 Program Planning
  • February 1, 2025 - Program Recommendations Due to LWVOR (three months before Convention)

  • February-March, 2025 - LWVOR Board develops Proposed Program reflecting input from Leagues

  • May 2025 - LWVOR Convention delegates adopt 2023-2024 Program after debate and discussion

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