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What We Do

LWVOR is active in four main program areas, outlined below. 

Voter Service

LWVOR produces extensive voter resources for all major elections, including printed, audio, video, Spanish, mobile-friendly and large print Voters’ Guides. We cover statewide and local elections.


The League publishes studies on a range of subjects. Studies strengthen League positions by providing in-depth analysis of issues that affect our communities.



Your support goes directly to the League's work to protect and defend our democracy. Together we can ensure our elections are free, fair and accessible, we can reduce the influence of money in politics, and we can strive to protect the human rights of all members of our communities.

Donate online or print and mail our donation form


Schools can use our award-winning, nonpartisan Civics Education curriculum and Mock Election resources to teach students how to vote.


League advocacy means participating in government. We study our League positions then present testimony in government hearings. We publicize our support, concerns, and sometimes opposition to proposed legislation.

View our FAQs and Privacy PolicyThe League does not share your information with any other party. 

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