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In Memoriam: LWV President Dr. Deborah Turner

memorial image of Dr. Deborah Turner that says In Loving Memory of Dr. Deborah Turner, LWV President, "Keep On Keeping On."

Statements from the League of Women Voters of Oregon

From Lisa Bentson, LWVOR Co-President

All of us here at the State League share in the grief felt nationwide by the recent and surprise passing of LWVUS President Dr. Turner earlier this week. We just attended a special meeting of League Leaders where over 50 people paid tribute to Dr. Turner. Included in the tributes were League Leaders, LWVUS Staff, and their new Leadership. I was touched by the number of red hearts displayed on many Zoom attendee boxes. 

I did not have the pleasure to meet Dr. Turner, but nonetheless was inspired and impressed with the words, stories, and experiences that were shared. She leaves behind two children and a new husband whom she only recently married. LWVUS is communicating closely with the family on personal as well as professional aspects of her passing.  

Please see the important links below. A few are time sensitive such as the virtual funeral information scheduled for this Sunday.  

Also, please note the email at where you can send/share your own photos and stories of Dr. Turner. As we collect comments we will update our blog and forward to LWVUS so they can know we are grieving together with them but also carrying on her legacy.  

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Bentson, Co-President


From Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR Co-President

With deep affection, profound sadness, and devotion to our shared mission, here's to you, Dr. Turner. We'll Keep on Keeping On, for you.

A few times in our lives we are graced to meet rare beacons- brilliant, poised, pushing to do more, yet circumspect and listening, warm and fun-loving, inspiring and motivating. You have touched us, knowing that across League expanses, your love for what we share will … Make Democracy Work.

Let’s treasure memories; we all have our own. We faced COVID-19 and stayed together virtually. Dr. T & Virginia waved for all of us, from the LWV Rose Parade float. We adjourned the LWV Convention to march, together, over to the Denver state house the day the Dobbs decision broke.

This is a heartbreaking loss for the League, across the country. From Oregon, condolences all around, especially to those working most closely with Dr. T, the national board and staff, the front lines folks in the marches, elections, and courthouses. To Dr. T’s family- please know that President Turner has influenced history.

On behalf of the Board, our Advocates and Voter Service volunteers, our Youth Council, and Oregon members: Thank you.

Becky Gladstone, LWVOR Co-President


From Celine Ioffe, LWVOR Youth Council President

Meeting Dr. Turner during the National Council in 2023 was incredibly inspiring and I was devastated to hear of her passing. Her kindness and genuine care for humanity shone through in every interaction she had, and my experience with her was no different.

Speaking with Dr. Turner about the future of the League as well as our shared passion for reproductive justice was not only meaningful but cemented me in the work I was doing.

I am sending my condolences to her family and am grateful to have been inspired by Dr. Turner. 

Thank you,



Important Links and Resources Regarding Services

All League members are invited to view the LWVUS Livestream of Dr. Turner's funeral services this Sunday beginning at 11 am CT.

LWVUS Contact Information


In closing, we share this moving video of Dr. Turner singing a song she and others sang on the Selma March. She was there as a little girl.

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