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New Volunteer Data Collection Form!

Updated: 4 days ago

Tracking League Priorities and Community Impact

LWVOR has developed a simplified Volunteer Data Collection Form for Leagues to enter their event activities, volunteer hours, and other information as part of the LWVUS Annual League Survey. We received feedback from several people that the provided data tracking spreadsheet is complicated to use so we offer our new form as an alternative. At the end of the calendar year, all data will be shared with local Leagues and LWVUS. 

Now is a great time to add metrics from the election-related events your League hosted over the last several weeks!

Note: If your League is already tracking data and you have a system that works for you, there is no need to complete this form. Also, we would happily provide a copy of this form for your League to use if you prefer.

Report The True Value Of Contributions To Our Communities And For Grant Funding

Volunteer hours can translate into an exact value* that can help meet matching requirements or give funders an idea of what the League could do with more resources.

*Important to show how effective the organization is in achieving its mission.


Illustrate A More Complete Picture Of Volunteer Impact

  • Tracking will answer key questions for donors:  Why should they donate to your organization over others? 

  • Track volunteer time to understand, internally, where volunteers are making the most impact.

  • Data-based evidence on which program or activity volunteers are most effective can steer better decisions for where to invest more time, training and investment.


Recognize And Retain Incredible Volunteers With Meaningful Moments

Some volunteers just like to know how much of a difference their time makes.  Recognizing volunteer efforts highlighting certain involvement milestones or making it easy to define their contribution to an individual or team accomplishment is always appreciated.  These gestures help build closer teams and communities and increase retention, a common challenge for nonprofits.

We hope the form simplifies the process of collecting your event and program details, so we can all better understand League priorities and community impact.

Questions about the form or want to email your results to us directly? Contact us at

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