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Oregon Ballot Measures 2022: League Support

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes candidates or political parties. Our Voters' Guide information invites all filed candidates that we are able to reach by email. We strive to also present ballot measure information, pro and con, with the impact of a yes or no vote, the measure's fiscal impact, and more, without reference to any League advocacy positions. The League does, on occasion, take positions on ballot measures. The League studies issues, reaches member consensus, and then adopts advocacy positions; read about our positions! The League of Women Voters of Oregon board has voted to accept our Action Committee positions' motion for these Oregon's November 2022 ballot measures :

  • #111 SUPPORT – Oregon Right to Health Care Amendment (#111 full text).

  • #112 SUPPORT – Removing Slavery and Crimes from the Oregon Constitution (#112 full text).

  • #113 No position – Exclude legislators from re-election for absenteeism (#113 full text). We refrain from supporting or opposing measures if we have not studied the issue. That is the case with Measure #113.

  • #114 SUPPORT – Reduction of Gun Violence Act (#114 full text).

We have worked in coalition to support M #114 and have submitted a statement for the Oregon Voters' Pamphlet in support, including a Spanish translation, by temporary administrative order from the Oregon Secretary of State.

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