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Show Up For Voting Rights This Week

LWVUS Voting Rights Push This week!

A majority of Americans support the major voting rights bills in action in Congress. Wednesday’s Senate vote shows that we need to increase pressure to pass meaningful voting rights. It is time to reform or eliminate the filibuster rule. The Senate cannot do what Americans elected them to do until they release the filibuster gridlock, the one procedural hurdle standing in the way of saving our freedom to vote.

Join this week’s events to protect the Freedom to VOTE!

Watch the LWVUS Women Power Democracy panel with female members of Congress, recorded Wednesday, Oct. 20. (forward 10 minutes in to start)

Support this week’s Freedom To Vote Relay, particularly Thursday, Oct. 21, when LWV of Maryland leads the baton handoff at Point of Rocks.

Follow instructions on the LWVUS Action page to contact our Senators, Representatives, and the White House and urge them to support the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.

“We need the President to step up with the full power of his office and get the Freedom to Vote Act across the finish line. The American voters are counting on this legislation to protect our democracy.” - Virginia Kase Solomón, LWVUS CEO.

As over 400 anti-voter bills advance across the nation, our democracy is in crisis and we must defend the right to vote. The Voting Rights Act Congress passed in 1965 outlawed the worst of the Jim Crow laws, those literacy tests and other barriers that kept Black Americans and other POC out of the voting booth. Now, we refuse to sit back and let politicians silence the votes of millions of Americans.

It's up to us to defend our democracy. Join us!

Rebecca Gladstone LWVOR President

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