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Climate Emergency


Legislative Report - Week of 2/12

Because of real or perceived opposition party threats Legislature Leadership has chosen not to move SB 1559 GHG Emission Modernization – to a vote, as discussed in 2/13 SE&E PH.

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Legislative Report - Week of 2/5

Senate Energy & Environment Public Hearing is scheduled for Tues Feb 13. One of the issues being discussed is using the word goal or aspiration goal. The most powerful legal term would be specific mandated reduction targets in 2030 or 2035 and 2040 with zero net emissions before 2050.

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Legislative Report - Week of 1/15

Updating Oregon statute with meaningful (to align with best available science) Greenhouse Gas Emission reduction goals continues to be a League priority.

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Legislative Report - November Interim

Senator Michael Dembrow is expected to sponsor a bill (follow-up to SB 3409, 2023) during the 2024 Legislative Short Session (Feb 5 to March 10) to update Greenhouse Gas Emission targets to net-zero by 2050, into statute in 2024.

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Legislative Report - September Interim

LWVOR ALERT to Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) Climate Protection Program Rulemaking staff and the Environmental Quality Commission. Their Deadline is Oct 13, 2023.

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Legislative Report - Sine Die

The League worked independently and as a partner with multiple coalitions, contributing to a very productive historical 2023 Legislative session.

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Legislative Report - Week of 6/26

Over $90M Climate Budget Package Investment Legislation passes both chambers and moves to the Governor.

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Legislative Report - Week of 6/12

The League has not received a reconciliation to determine which items are missing from the promised Climate $100M Package.

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Legislative Report - Week of 5/29

Some good news from State Senator Michael Dembrow’s May 28th Update from SD 23 . Many LWVOR climate related priority and other bills are listed in the drafted Legislative Climate Funding Package, not yet posted to OLIS.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 5/22

The CE priority bills had minimal activity in the last month. Most have already moved to JW&Ms. Find additional background in previous LR (report)s on the six CE priorities.

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Legislative Report - Week of 5/15

The May 17 Revenue 23-25 forecast was very favorable. Oregon is forecasted to have $1.5-2.0 B in funds not previously reflected in the Feb  forecast.

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Legislative Report - Week of 5/8

CE priority bills had minimal activity in the last few weeks. Most have already moved to JW&Ms and one to the House. Find in previous LR (report)s additional background on the six CE priorities.

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Legislative Report - Week of 4/24

This week we learned more about the Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR or the Project) Project’s status from Just Crossing Alliance (JCA), which published widely about their IBR’s plans objections

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Legislative Report - Week of 4/17

Numerous lawsuits are challenging Oregon’s DEQ CPP regulations.

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Legislative Report - Week of 4/10

We collaborate with Natural Resource Action members on many Climate Change mitigation and adaptation policy topics.

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Legislative Report - Week of 4/3

It is unclear how Oregon Treasury/Treasurer Tobias Read will assist with addressing the IRA $27B Federal funds, contingent on formation of an Oregon Green Bank.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 3/27

The League has identified the I-5 Bridge Replacement as a key project impacting Oregonians and anyone traveling the I-5 corridor.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 3/20

Good news, all CE priorities have Work Sessions scheduled or have already moved forward from their policy committee.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 3/13

We’re in the process of gathering support for the Resilient Buildings legislation hearings. Amended text was rolled out for SB 868-1, 869-1, and 870-1 (SB 871-1 still lags behind the others) this week and an informational hearing was held March 14, 2023.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 3/6

The League has identified six priority CE policy and budget topics. Find in previous LR reports additional background on each priority. Following are updates on those six topics.

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Legislative Report - Week of 2/27

HB 3196-1 authorizes the Environmental Quality Commission to establish by rule a fee to be paid by community climate investment entities. The funds come from the purchase of Community Climate Investments by the covered fuel suppliers.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 2/20

Two bills will be up for hearings in the House Climate, Energy and Environment Committee this week. Both HB 3166 and HB 3056 are energy efficiency bills.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 2/13

The next Oregon Economic and Revenue Forecast is scheduled for Feb 22. It is unclear how the congressional debt ceiling issue, security market volatility, inflation – Fed/banking issues and other global risks will develop.

Image by Markus Spiske


Legislative Report - Week of 2/6

Numerous lawsuits are challenging Oregon’s DEQ CPP regulations. Here is one example of how to track them.

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