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Action Alert: Be Heard On Redistricting!

Contact your representative to request a public hearing for

HJR 7!

Date: June 3, 2021

To: All League Members

From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President

Norman Turrill, LWVOR Governance Coordinator

Chris Cobey, LWVOR Redistricting Specialist

Please write, email, or phone members of the House Rules Committee and your representatives requesting a public hearing for HJR 7 ASAP.

HJR 7 calls for the establishment of an independent citizens’ redistricting commission (ICRC). An ICRC would let voters select their representatives, instead of the other way around, and would eliminate one of the most basic conflicts of interest for our legislators – drawing their own districts.

Does the current system, allowing politicians to draw their own district lines, need to be changed? Well, for the last twenty years, incumbent legislators have won more than 97% of their general election races!

Over 60,000 Oregon voters endorsed independent citizens’ redistricting commissions for last year’s ballot. Please also ask your representatives to support this concept during their virtual coffee hours, town halls, or constituent office hours.

We are now in the final month to schedule public hearings. The Oregon legislature 2021 regular session must end by June 27 and bills must be heard in both chambers to be enacted. Please write now!

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