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Action Alert: SUPPORT SB 530 The Natural and Working Lands Bill!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Date: February 7, 2023

To: All League Members

From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President

Alice Bartelt, Action Committee Chair

Josie Koehne, LWVOR Forestry Climate Action Portfolio

Contact Your Legislators to Support SB 530!

ACTION: Contact your Legislators (2023 Find Your Legislators)

and Senate Natural Resources Committee members:

REQUEST: SUPPORT SB 530, Establish a state policy for Natural Climate Solutions.

We are asking local League members throughout Oregon to advance this critical piece of climate legislation, to build support before the first public hearing.

DEADLINE: ASAP, before February 15

A first hearing is expected as early as Feb 15. We need to build support to “give this bill legs!”

Tell Legislators what matters to you. Background information on SB 530 can be found in Oregon Conservation Network's "Oregon’s Untapped Climate Solution" 1-pager.

Tell Legislators that SB 530 will:

  • Position the state to leverage federal funding and private investments in natural climate solutions on natural and working lands

  • Create a source of state funding for voluntary actions to remove climate pollution from the atmosphere and store it in natural and working lands

  • Fund and direct state agencies to provide incentives and technical support to forest owners, farmers, and ranchers to implement natural climate solutions on natural and working lands and

  • Invest in a comprehensive Oregon natural and working lands inventory and study opportunities for workforce development and training.

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