Action Alert: Wildfire Bill Needs your Voice!

Updated: Jun 15

Contact your Senator and Representative to support SB 762 A, the omnibus wildfire bill!

Date: June 9, 2021 To: All League Members From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President Peggy Lynch, Natural Resources Coordinator Josie Koehne, Forestry Portfolio Claudia Keith, Climate Emergency Coordinator Please email, or phone your representatives requesting support for SB 762 A ASAP. SB 762 A will prepare Oregon for the future related to wildfire preparedness and will provide appropriate resources to fight fires when they happen. The bill provides a section-by-section roadmap to help Oregonians prepare for the future of Oregon’s forests and our nearby cities and towns.

  • Requires electric utilities plans

  • Requires development of a statewide map of wildfire risk

  • Addresses the need for defensible space around homes at risk

  • Addresses the need for wildfire hazard mitigation building codes on new construction

  • Recognizes the need to support communities impacted by smoke

  • Requires an update to our statewide emergency plan for wildfire emergencies