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Press Release: Pro-Democracy Groups File Ballot Measures to Reform Oregon’s Campaign Finances


PORTLAND, Oregon - Honest Elections Oregon, a coalition of pro-democracy groups and advocates, filed ballot initiatives to enhance the campaign finance system in Oregon, reduce the perception and reality of corruption, and empower more voices in Oregon’s elections.

These measures:

  • include large campaign contribution limits to reduce outsized big money influence

  • require political ads to transparently reveal their largest funders

  • create a small donor matching program to make smaller contributions matter and improve opportunities for candidates from historically marginalized communities

“I am honored to support the ballot campaign finance reform initiatives filed today. These measures can help to restore voters’ confidence in healthy democracy. Voters must know that our elections are fair and free of undue influence by powerful dark money at the expense of voters. We can accomplish this and restore trust in our political system.”

--Rebecca Gladstone, President, League of Women Voters of Oregon

“I am proud of the measures we have filed and the extensive process we embarked on to craft the best policies possible with both local and national experts. We hope in the coming months, during the ballot title review process, to continue building a big tent to support these measures and to continue to work with historically marginalized communities. We know that voters want to take big money out of politics. These initiatives could move Oregon from the Wild Wild West of campaign finance to leading the way with one the best programs in the nation.”

--Jason Kafoury, Honest Elections Oregon

Honest Elections Oregon worked successfully to pass campaign finance reforms in Multnomah County (2016) and the City of Portland (2018), proving not only that such policies are needed and popular but also that they work. The goal is to simply limit the corrosive impact money has had in Oregon politics and hold accountable those who attempt to subvert the will of democracy by buying elections.

The initiatives will start gathering qualifying signatures as soon as today.


Jason Kafoury ‭(202) 465-276

Gregory McKelvey ‭(503) 459-1930


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