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Action Alert: Support the Resilient Buildings Package!

Date: March 13, 2023

To: All League Members

From: Rebecca Gladstone, LWVOR President

Alice Bartelt, Action Committee Chair

Claudia Keith, Climate Emergency Coordinator

Arlene Sherrett, Climate Emergency PortfolioContact Your Legislators to Support

ACTION: Contact your Legislators (2023 Find Your Legislators)

and Senate Energy and EnvironmentCommittee members:

REQUEST: SUPPORT The Resilient Buildings Package (SB 868-1, 869-1, 870-1, 871-1) Oregon's legislature must take action in 2023 to give more Oregonians access to more resilient and safer homes and buildings.

Align state policies for Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Reduction in the Residential and Commercial Buildings Sector.

We are asking local League members throughout Oregon to advance this critical piece of climate legislation, to build support before the first public hearing.

LISTENING SESSION: March 14, 2023, 1:00 PM

TESTIMONY DEADLINE: ASAP, before hearing date, March 16, or up to 1pm March 18.

Tell Legislators what matters to you. Background information on the Resilient Buildings Package can be found at: We Are Building Resilience

Tell Legislators the Resilient Buildings Package will:

  • Align energy efficiency programs with state climate goals and establish a one-stop-shop information source for energy efficiency technologies and incentives. (SB 868-1, Healthy Heating and Cooling for All)

  • Align building codes with Oregon energy and emissions targets and establish a goal of 60% reduction in energy use in the construction of new buildings. (SB 869-1, Build Smart from the Start)

  • Establish a standard for large commercial buildings to reduce their energy use and climate emissions over time. (SB 870-1, Building Performance Standard)

  • Remove barriers to accelerate energy retrofits and upgrades in state buildings. (SB 871-1, Smart State Buildings)

  • Address the 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon that come from the residential and commercial buildings sector.

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