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August Redistricting Webinar - VOTER Q4 2021

by Chris Cobey and Norman Turrill

Proving Oregon residents’ abiding interest in Oregon’s redistricting process, Norman Turrill, Dan Vicuna, and Chris Cobey attracted hundreds to their August 25 one-hour review; how the legislature has and will be attempting to accomplish this once-a-decade task. You can view the recording at:

A map of Oregon's 6 new Congressional Districts.
Oregon’s 6 Congressional Districts, adopted Sept. 27, 2021

At press time, the legislature had just released seven sets of draft maps for public review, in 12 virtual hearings over five days. The expectation was that the legislature would be given its opportunity to pass redistricting bills by the state Supreme Court’s mandated September 27 deadline. If it could not do so, the redistricting task for state legislative districts would fall to the Secretary of State, and congressional districting would be tackled by a quintet of state court judges. The work of both groups would be reviewed and approved by the state supreme court. If the legislature met the deadline and passed maps, court action could still ensure in the fall.

Check the LWVOR redistricting website for the latest information on this fast-moving subject:

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