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Oregon Wildfire Resources - VOTER Q4 2021

Wildfires have increasingly become part of our lives. As of early Sept, there are 23 active fires with more than 200,000 acres burned thus far. Oregonians are affected either directly by being in an evacuation

area or indirectly by poor air quality. Oregon also has many resources available at Oregon Wildfire Response and Recovery with links for assistance, wildfire cleanup, drinking water supply and more. This site also has up to date information on active fires, evacuations, sheltering and air quality.

Oregon recently instituted an emergency alert system, OR-ALERT, designed to ensure the most timely alerts, warnings, and notifications statewide, tailored to geographic location. OR-ALERT is administered locally, requires only a name and phone number, and alerts are

customizable for your interest.

In addition, the Oregon Health Authority has resources pertinent to Covid 19 and evacuations/smoke exposure, as well as the short information sheets "Hazy, smoky air: Do you know what to do" and available in multiple languages.

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