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Press Release: Oregon Student Mock Election (OSME) Results 2022




Rebecca Gladstone, President


Results are in! Students across Oregon participated in OSME, the 2022 Oregon Student Mock Election for a realistic voting experience endorsed by Governor Kate Brown and Secretary of State Shemia Fagan.

The League of Women Voters of Oregon created a mock ballot, with SoS review, mirroring the General Election ballot with three contests for all Oregon students: US Senator, Oregon Governor, and Measure 114 (gun safety). We honored educator requests for mock ballots with some local races. Multnomah County students voted on Measure 26-232 (ranked-choice voting), Clackamas County students voted on County Clerk, and Deschutes County students voted on Measure 9-148 (nonpartisan county commissioner elections) and Measure 9-155 (a Bend-La Pine School District bond measure). Several regions voted on US Congressional Districts 5 and 6.

Every public school district and private/charter/homeschool educators across the state were invited to register for ballots, instructions, and a lesson plan. Over 5500 students were registered from an impressive 18 different communities, all around Oregon: Astoria, Bend, Boring, Camas Valley, Crane, Days Creek, Hood River, Irrigon, Klamath Falls, Lake Oswego, Medford, North Bend, Portland, Salem, Sandy, Springfield, Tigard, Troutdale, West Linn, and Wilsonville.

Oregon Statewide Student Mock Ballot results:

  • Ron Wyden won US Senator with 53%.

  • Tina Kotek won Oregon Governor with 54%.

  • Measure 114 (gun safety) passed with 73% voting yes.

Local Student Mock Ballot results:

  • US Congressional District 5, Jamie McLeod-Skinner won with 73%.

  • The new US Congressional District 6, Andrea Salinas won with 59%.

  • Multnomah County Measure 26-232 (ranked-choice voting) passed by 75%.

  • Clackamas County Clerk Clackamas students elected Catherine McMullen by 59%.

  • Deschutes students passed Measure 9-148 (nonpartisan county commissioners) by 88%.

  • Deschutes Measure 9-155 (the school bond) also passed by 86%.

The award-winning LWVOR OSME student voting experience is supported by YEAR-ROUND access to our free Civics Education curriculum and materials.


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