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Study Archive

Older studies are available here:

2018 Hard Rock Mining

2016 – Postsecondary Education Study Update

2015 – Children at Risk

2012 Coastal and Nearshore Oregon: Using and Protecting Our Natural Resources

An overview of the complex, interconnected issues and challenges that must be addressed in making decisions to manage the natural resources of the coastline; reflects the economic, social, and cultural impacts of these management decisions with particular emphasis on marine reserves and ocean energy.

2009 – Water in Oregon: Not a Drop to Waste

Part 1 is a concise review of the current Oregon laws and regulations for water resources and water quality.

Part 2 covers the current issues facing water quality and quantity from the perspectives of stakeholder groups throughout the state; 2010.

2008 – Election Methods: Review of Alternatives and Oregon Proposals


2007 – Redistricting in Oregon

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