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President's Newsletter - April 2022

LWV grassroots work begins with you! Please reach out to friends and colleagues and invite them to step up! DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) is a League priority. We want liaisons to bring their voices to the League. We need to expand our diversity from local grassroots up through boards. Native outreach is a focus for a grant we’ve crossed fingers for. We would like a Youth member on our board. Now is the time! Please contact us!



Voter Education Reps and LWVOR staff, with hired LWV Mississippi support, are hard at work organizing for the Primary Election, including our various Voters’ Guides! Be sure you send your campaign events to LWVOR at See the calendar info below. Encourage your local candidates to look for their Vote411 invitation emails and to write to with any questions. This is a screen shot of the recent Lane League debate with the Springfield City Club, tip o’ the hat to Paula Grisafi!

Please check for local and other events and promote them to the LWVOR calendar. If you don’t see your events, send them to us!

Want a brief sprint volunteer task? Our Voter Education volunteers research state ballot measures after certification in early August to prepare Voters’ Guide and Speakers’ Bureau coverage for voters by September. We never simultaneously present Voter Education and advocacy positions.

Please SHARE: The League never supports or opposes candidates or political parties. Sometimes, we support or oppose ballot measures based on our studied, nonpartisan positions. The LWVOR may take positions on the November 2022 state ballot measures, after certification in August.


LWVOR Council This will be a virtual event, registration details here. Local League leaders should register their two delegates. Observers can register themselves - registration information coming soon. The business meeting will be held on Saturday afternoon, May 14th.

LWVUS Convention 2022 LWVOR has filed to present concurrences for our Privacy and Cybersecurity position. LWVUS encouraged us to bring smaller portions of our very comprehensive full position. LWV Colorado will bring a portion as Election Security, nearly as we developed it a few years ago. Please stand by to bring your support!


Volunteer organizers are needed! Please contact Chair Alice Bartelt,

The League Redistricting and Campaign Finance Reform initiative work is now working toward 2024 ballots. Please be ready to help collect initial filing signatures later this spring. The LWVOR may take positions after certification in August.

Recommended Reading

From Yale U Press: "A fresh, persuasive and deeply disturbing overview of the baleful and dangerous impact on the nation of widely disseminated false speech on social media. Richard Hasen, the country’s leading expert about election law, has written this book with flair and clarity.”—Floyd Abrams, author of The Soul of the First Amendment What can be done consistent with the First Amendment to ensure that American voters can make informed election decisions and hold free elections amid a flood of virally spread disinformation and the collapse of local news reporting? How should American society counter the actions of people like former President Donald J. Trump, who used social media to convince millions of his followers to doubt the integrity of U.S. elections and helped foment a violent insurrection? What can we do to minimize disinformation campaigns aimed at suppressing voter turnout? With piercing insight into the current debates over free speech, censorship, and Big Tech’s responsibilities, Richard L. Hasen proposes legal and social measures to restore Americans’ access to reliable information on which democracy depends. In an era when quack COVID treatments and bizarre QAnon theories have entered mainstream, this book explains how to assure both freedom of ideas and a commitment to truth.


Have you seen our stuff? Show your League support! Check it out here.

Thank you for reading this newsletter! You can Manage Your LWVOR Subscriptions yourself for this monthly President’s Newsletter, our Legislative Reports, and the quarterly VOTER.

Here’s to Spring! From my desk to yours, Thank you for making a difference with the League!

Becky Gladstone, President, LWVOR

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